The statue of Frank Rizzo, the former police commissioner from 1961 to 1968 and mayor of Philadelphia from 1972 to 1980, was defaced with spray paint Wednesday night. He is known for his violent and horrible relationship with the African American and LGBT communities.

A statue erected in his honor in the city was defaced and spray painted with the words, “Black Power.”

This stems from an encounter with the Philadelphia police on Wednesday night. There were several layers of police barricades protecting the statue. After the events in Charlottesville, more and more cities are pushing for the removal of statues that honor racism, slavery, and the Confederacy.


In Arizona, the Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway Monument was tarred and feathered in Golden Canyon, Arizona last night along U.S. Highway. 60 officers found the monument in this state.

The monument honored Jefferson Davis who was the first and only president of the Confederate States of America.

This is the second statue in the state to be defaced within the last couple days. The Confederate Troops Memorial that sits outside the Arizona Capitol was spray painted white on Thursday.