This week over 125,000 settlement checks have been mailed to the East bank residents and businesses for flood damage from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita

According to most people with claims are expecting to receive checks for $50 to $150. The highest payout to be expected from this settlement will be about $6,000.

The checks are being sent out as part of a 2009 lawsuit involving the East Jefferson, Lake Borgne Basin and Orleans levee districts. The settlement lawsuit was for $20 million.

People receiving the checks were notified in February with awards based on whether:

  • The claimant owned residential property, or owned or rented non-residential property.
  • The property was in St. Bernard Parish or on the east bank of Jefferson or Orleans parishes.
  • The claimant is an individual or family
  • The property had no flooding, less than a foot, one to two feet, two to four feet or more than four feet

The settlement also includes payments of death benefits, which likely represent the larger end of the payment range. The smallest payments are likely being sent to non-residents who were visiting areas covered by the settlement.