Comey Confirms “No Information” To Support President Trump’s Wiretapping Claim

FBI Director James B. Comey has confirmed there is “no information” that supports President Trump’s claims that former President Barack Obama ordered surveillance of Trump Tower during the election campaign. “I have no information that supports those tweets,’’ said Comey, testifying before the House Intelligence Committee’s first public hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 campaign. …Read More

Notorious Jewel Thief Doris Payne Arrested Again

Jewel thief Doris Payne has been arrested yet again. This time it’s for failure to appear in court. The 86-year-old Payne was arrested on a failure to a appear warrant for an earlier theft at Atlanta’s Perimeter Mall. The 86-year-old was wanted on a bench warrant after missing a court date earlier this month. She told The …Read More

195 UMMC Employees Lose Job And 85 Positions Eliminated

Due to a 32.7 million dollar budget cut initiated by Governor Phil Bryant, UMMC was forced to let go 195 employees and eliminate 85 unfilled positions. The job cuts were spread throughout UMMC, and a number of faculty members took pay reductions as well. “The people who lost their jobs are good,hardworking people who …Read More

Trump Is Skipping White House Correspondent’s Dinner

President Donald Trump has announced that he will not be attending the White House Correspondents Event. In a seemingly random tweet, the commander-in-chief announced on Saturday that he will not be attending this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner in April, a traditional event for press and politicians.  The only president in history to miss …Read More

Court Documents Show After Shooting Roof Planned On 2nd Attack

According to federal court documents unsealed Tuesday, Dylann Roof, who was convicted of killing nine church members at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, exited an interstate and drove approximately 30 miles northwest toward the Branch AME Church in Summerville.  This was based on GPS evidencethat showed Roof shut off his GPS device most likely …Read More

HUD Senior Advisor Fired For Trump Criticism Prior To Election

Shermichael Singleton, a political appointee at the Department of Housing and Urban Development was fired for an article he wrote before the election that criticized then-candidate Donald Trump, according to CNN. “We allowed that hostile takeover to happen on our watch,” he wrote. “This individual recognized a moment of great disparity in the Republican base …Read More

Flint Mayor To Meet With Michigan Governor to Discuss Water Bill Credits

The mayor of Flint is planning to meet with Gov. Rick Snyder Tuesday to discuss Michigan’s decision to withdraw some financial assistance that was originally offered to help the Flint and its residents cope with a man-made public health crisis caused by lead-contaminated tap water. The state announced three weeks ago that it will stop …Read More